TEDx: Fatene Ben-Hamza: Safe Spaces

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In Fatène Ben-Hamza's TEDxJacksonville talk "Collaboration: venturing further with safe spaces", she discusses the importance of safe spaces for ideas to make social and political progress, after the jump! MetroJacksonville is very proud to be a media sponsor of TEDxJacksonville. This great video of Fatène Ben-Hamza is from TEDxJacksonville 2015!

You’ve probably heard about Tunisia in the headlines at least once in the last five years. A North African country whose culture dates to antiquity, Tunisia’s recent history has been both tumultuous and inspiring as its citizens pursue democratic reforms following their 2011 Jasmine Revolution that famously sparked the Arab Spring. Fatène witnessed what happened as the “old machine” disappeared, and will discuss the critical importance safe spaces have played in creating a better machine in her country.

About Fatène Ben-Hamza:
Fatène is a French-Tunisian business strategist who moved to Tunisia in 2009. She is passionate about building spaces for people to create, express and exchange ideas. After six years in the advertising industry as a brand strategist working with many international and local clients, Ben-Hamza has joined Cogite, a coworking community of change-makers and entrepreneurs in Tunisia. She has also recently co-founded the Afkar conference, a think & action tank bridging spaces between government and civil society to promote concrete solutions to concrete problems in Tunisia. Fatène is also the organizer and co-curator of TEDxCarthage since 2011, and TEDxCarthageWomen.

This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community. Learn more at http://ted.com/tedx