Melissa Ross interviews the Pratt Guys

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Today on First Coast Connect, Jacksonville's Pratt Guys join Melissa Ross to talk about their use of social media to grow their outdoor living area design business, which is going national this summer. After the jump, watch the video to learn the secrets of their success!

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About Pratt Guys:
After many years in the construction business, Derek Pratt struck out on his own and with a little help from his father, Daniel Pratt, opened Pratt Custom Services in 2004. For the next few years, the small family-owned business focused on interior finish carpentry, kitchen and bathroom remodeling, and concrete projects. Things were going well until the recession hit in 2008 causing the business to be put on hold until the economy recovered.

While trying to decide what to do with the company, a customer requested a pergola and the rest was history. Pratt Guys, as you know them today, was born when the brothers Jason, Derek and Adam decided to take the company in a bold new direction that focused on outdoor design and construction, creating the perfect backyard for people who love the outdoors.

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