Melissa Ross interviews attorney Randy Reep

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Melissa Ross speaks with Jacksonville attorney and veteran pilot Randy Reep about how he got into flying, and why he's advocating for children to learn how to fly at an early age. Join us after the jump!

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Randy Reep enlisted in the National Guard as a security policeman, and after earning his undergraduate degree and his MBA, the Guard sponsored Reep’s pilot training for the Florida Air National Guard. His entrance into the legal field was equally unconventional.

“I had taken the LSAT right after 9/11 because the world of the airline industry looked like it might change significantly and for the worse,” said Reep. “So I took the LSAT as a defensive posture, thinking, ‘If I have to do something, I’d like to go to law school.’ But I didn’t lose my job.”

Reep continued working as a pilot until 2005, when he met his now-wife, a Jacksonville doctor.

“She’s well out of my league,” laughed Reep, “and to keep up with her, I thought I needed to say, ‘I’m going to law school.’”

As a pilot, Reep commuted back and forth to Michigan, where his wife attended medical school, and he realized he was inspired.

“Watching my wife engage in a professional endeavor like that motivated me to want to keep up with her. I went to law school as a hobby. I didn’t know I would fall into the practice of law like I did.”
Source: The Florida Bar News

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