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So, Department of the Interiors recently got a chance to photograph the wonderfully thought out interior of HOBNOB restaurant, located at Unity Plaza in the upcoming Brooklyn neighborhood. A detail oriented, sleekly modern design job with a nod to undercurrent steampunk sensibilities and contemporary west coast design, the place is full of surprises and showstopping details. Check out the interior after the jump.

HOBNOB Restaurant
220 Riverside Avenue, Suite 110
Jacksonville, FL 32202

Architect: Studio 9 Architecture, LLC

Interior Designer: Designmind

HOBNOB masterfully blurs the line between playfulness and sophistication, both in its menu and environment. The interior is bright and open, thanks to floor-to-ceiling windows that allow natural light to fill the space.

The 165-seat dining room is an expression of tasteful restraint, with many gray and white design elements accentuated by pops of blue. The largest sources of visual intrigue are two large installations of original artwork: a five-panel mural by Philadelphia-based artist Carol Soritz Shelkin, made with Murano (Italian) glass, and an 81-piece glass bulb installation created by Brian Frus, the Assistant Professor of Glass at Jacksonville Univeristy, with assistance from the university’s fine art students.

Views to the kitchen, best enjoyed from the eight-seat chef’s table, encourage interaction between guests and chefs. Creative architectural features, such as undulating wooden forms suspended from the ceiling and covered with fabric, not only absorb sound, but also, elevate the overall design of the space to create a unique look and feel.

Midshot of the interior spotlighting semi private dining area.

Midshot of the interior looking towards the bar.

Midshot of the main dining room.

Closeup of mosaic piece in main dining room

notably simple contemporary table settings, offset with living micro planter centerpiece.

text stephen dare
photos joshua taylor

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