8 Real Challenges for the Jaguars

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Now that Training Camp is here, You Got Skeels takes a look at the challenges that the Jacksonville Jaguars face in the upcoming season.

Welcome back!  It's a new year at EverBank Field.  These are your new teammates.  These are your new position coaches.  This is your new uniform.  It's a wonderful new season with new challenges ahead for all.

Blake meet Kelvin and Mackenzie . They'll be protecting you this season.  Do you mind showing them to their new lockers and helping them out with the playbook? Appreciate it.

Telvin meet Tashaun, Malik, Prince, Myles, Sheldon and Yannick. . . you know Jalen of course.  It's going to be a busy week of catch-up.  Can you be a good future team captain and show them around the practice fields and let them know just how welcome they are?  A lot is expected of them this season.

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David Caldwell: Who Is On Your Short List?

You picked up playmakers in the draft for a defense that desperately needed them.  You also fortified both sides of the ball in the trenches with veterans who have proven to be major contributors for their former teams. I won't digress into "What ifs" on the Olivier Vernon subject because I do not believe that was ever going to transpire no matter how much money was thrown at him.   And, the jury is still out on how effective Bruce Irvin will be playing for a team other than the Seattle Seahawks.  So...  Well played draft.  Solid free agency.  

Your challenge? Who is on your short list of roster repair if an unexpected injury occurs? This is the nightmare of every GM. Statistically, every team loses a player to a season-ending injury at some point between now and the play-offs.  After losing Joeckel to an ankle sprain in 2013 and Fowler to an ACL in 2015. . . perhaps the Jaguars have paid some unknown spiritual team debt to the NFL injury Gods and will now enter into a period of health and prosperity.

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