Uncanny Valley: Short Film Shows Possible VR Future

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At first, Uncanny Valley looks like the old, clichéd trope of future video game addicts essentially becoming drug addicts, living in flophouses and waiting for their next virtual reality fix. Then, it veers off into some extremely interesting territory. Check it out and soak in some of the implications that are making technology, law, and ethics into a free for all of important possibilities.

The term “uncanny valley” refers to the sensation you get when you’re watching something—an animation or a humanoid robot—that is almost, but not exactly, like a real person. The new sci-fi short Uncanny Valley looks at what happens when the two become so similar that it’s hard to tell when a human ends and an animation begins.

The premise of the film posits that In the slums of the future, virtual reality junkies satisfy their violent impulses in online entertainment. An expert player discovers that the line between games and reality is starting to fade away. 3DAR’s latest short film explores the frightening potential of our next technological revolution. Artwork and process in http://www.3dar.com/

Written and Directed by: Federico Heller
Executive Producers: German Heller, Brandon Maseda
Animation Director: Fernando Maldonado
VFX Production Designer: Jorge Tereso
Lead VFX Artist: Federico Carlini
Lead 3D Artist: Marco Lococo
VFX Supervisor: Federico Heller
Digital Art Director: Pablo Olivera
CGFX TD: Alan RInaldi
VFX Production Coordinator: Maria José Tabares
Lighting TD: Alejandro Turano
Colorist: Daniel Calvo
Roto / Track: Julián Coutada
Compositors: Ignacio Arevalo, Daniel Perez, Nicolas Valese, Lucas Carracedo, Santiago Iturmendi
Producer: Federico Heller
Assistant Director: Nazareno Alba, Celeste Lois
Director of Photography: Nicolas Trovato, Fernando Lorenzale
Art Director: Lola Sosa
Original Score: Cyrille Marchesseau
Music Mix: Rodolphe Gervais
Audio Post by Impossible Acousetic: Brendan J. Hogan, Jamie Hunsdale
Matte Painting: Pablo Olivera, Pablo Palomeque
Modeling: Javier Carabajal
Storyboard and Previs: Fernando Maldonado
Software Developer: Martin Buezas
Editor: Federico Heller
Additional Smoke Simulations: Pyro Fx
Graphic Design: Miguel Vega, Laura Guarie
Motion Graphics: Nicolas Cesani
Production Manager: Francisco Larralde, German Heller
Production Assistant: Regina Porchietti
Camara Operator: Anabella Goldberger, Rodolfo Julian, Horacio Diaz Seijas
Camara Focus: Ezequiel Di Grillo, Nicolas Gombinsky
Steady Cam Op: Francisco Quiros
Gaffer: Gustavo Zakin, Franco Ariel Ivanoff, Damian Bonda
Sound Recorder: Miren Begoña Cortazar, Pablo Bustamante
Costume Design: Barbara Zago, Renata Agulla
Art Assistant / Set Design: Gaby Luna Crook
HD Technician: Gonzalo Quesada
Casting: Flor Limonoff, Fauna
FX / Stunts: The Action Company
Drone Shots by: Superplano
Catering: Barbara Gambetta, Delfina Ekmekdjian
Cast (in order of appearance): Marcela Sandra Ballestero, Steve Kisicki, Ivan Steinhardt, Agustin Olcese, Raymond Lee, Nicole Apstein
Creative & Production Support: Santiago Tereso, Julian Dorado, Erica Villar, Marina Muñoz
Contact us at info@3dar.com