Renew Arlington: Establishing Study and Finding of Need

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Renew Arlington is an officially sanctioned effort to reverse decades of decline in the Arlington Area. In order to qualify for funding to improve the area, the City had to conduct a "Finding of Necessity" study, Basically a documentation of why the area is turning into a smoldering junk heap at the bottom of a hell hole so that the funding mechanisms that go into city redevelopment can start moving. As you will see from this document, there wasnt much work to do to prove the point. Join us after the jump for one of those reports full of horrors that leaves you thinking: No kidding, Sherlock. What are you going to do about it?

This first section is basically a list of glossary terms and explanations of the process of getting funding.

Basically you have to prove the area is blighted, and then provide pictures and documentation.  The crime maps on Page 4 are compelling all by themselves and totally qualify as blight porn. (and not just for Arlington either, they show lots of areas by crime concentration.

So this first page is a skim, get acquainted with the basic underlying terms being used (like RDA = Redevelopment Area) and you might find it interesting to see how easily a neighborhood can be qualified as a 'slum' for a creative person.  

I will try and find out how old this definition of "Slum" is, as one of the three main definitions of the word (for the purposes of this study) is simply 'higher residential density.  Which by itself is not a blighting factor in todays modern planning arena.   I suspect its from the original language of the 1989 legislation that created the 1969 Community Redevelopment Act.

So, for the more interesting reports and graphics about the Arlington Area skip ahead.  We have thought about you, dear readers, and provided a little index on what you can find on each of the pages of the report.  A note: Pruriently blighted info is on page four, but if your morbid, you should check out the crime statistics at the top of page four.

PAGE 1: The Outline, Explanation, Definition of Terms
PAGE 2: Various Explanatory Maps of the Arlington Areas Affected
PAGE 3:The Physical Condition of the Area (Blight Porn)
PAGE 4: Blighted Area Condition Findings
PAGE 5: Detailed Boundary Maps of Arlington Areas Affected

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