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The Short Box is Jacksonville, Florida's opinionated podcast about comic books and pop culture. What sets The Short Box apart? Unlike most review podcasts, The Short Box brings comics to the people. And shortly we will be bringing them to you, our viewers! Check out our newest partnership after the jump!

Their sense of humor is not just for the nerd-know-it-alls, but used to inspire the same love in new-comers and outsiders of comic book culture. In short, this podcast is for everyone.  Now available through iTunes and their official website,, The Short Box is a weekly podcast that reviews new and classic comic book releases in a peer-to-peer discussion format.

The show was created by original members: Walter Gant, Andrew Torres, and Badr Milligan. All three minds initially met six years ago at a comic shop and decided in late 2012 to meet up once a week and record their exchanges. The meetings are debates and reviews which are recorded for listening pleasure, interaction and audience contribution, thus The Short Box podcast was born.

The current cast includes Badr and opinionated co-hosts, Cesar Cordero, Adam Wollet, Edmund Dansart, and newcomer; Ashley Lanni Hoye. In addition to the prime members the guest list has included hometown comic book writers, budding artists, musical talents and shop owners.

Recent debuts have been made by Games Arts and Music (GAAM) founder Ryan Thompson, International recording artist MegaRan, United States Wrestling Association superstars Jon Davis and Dagon Briggs, and accomplished playwright and public radio host, Al Letson.

Visionary founder Badr stated “The podcast started with the three of us just wanting to share our conversations and love of the comic book culture. We included our friends and family then began expanding into a community-driven project by providing an outlet for people involved in the comic book culture. Our focus was those individuals who have new ideas, heroes, lyrics, and stories they want to share with a bigger community. We wanted to give them a voice when they needed support and work together to connect minds.”

Ryan Thompson, of the popular GAAM (Game Arts and Music) shows and Al Letson, host of “NPR’s State of the Re:Union” both have used The Short Box to reach broader audiences.

One hundred and thirty eight episodes in and the Short Box’s guest list continues to swell. Podcast episodes can be streamed for live listening or downloaded as MP3s on the website,,,and They can also be found on iTunes where listeners can subscribe to the show and receive automatic updated episode downloads when they become available.

Want to be part of the action or attempt to prove them wrong? The Short Box encourages all types of feedback, opinions, appearances and announcements. Contact them via Facebook, or email,

About the hosts:

Badr Milligan is a Project Manager by day and podcast host by the weekend. He helped co-create the The Short Box podcast with his best friends Walter Gant and Andrew Torres in 2012. Four years later and a whole lot of fine tuning and cast reorganizations, he’s still holding down hosting duties. His love of comic books and pop culture is credited to his equally fanboy father, dubbed by listeners of the show, “The Marvel OG”.

Growing up with a passion for technology and pop-culture it was in the cards for Badr to help create what is considered by many, Jacksonville’s Premier comic book and pop culture podcast. Forever the busy body of the group he juggles many hats besides hosting, he’s enlisted in the FL Air National Guard and fully committed in a rivalry against Ryan Thompson of the Jacksonville video-game charity, GAAM (Game Arts And Music).

Cesar Cordero is an artist, voice actor, musician, singer, broadcaster and journalist in the Air National Guard of the United States Air Force, and stand-up comedian. Asking the hard hitting questions, punctuated by fart jokes and cheap attention getting tactics, he rivets audiences with the greatest of ease.  

He is a panel purveyor of pop culture, and Cesar has been ecstatic about comic books since the before dawn of time! Rising from the depths of sarcasm, like a demon conjured out of passive aggression, he breaks all the rules. Cesar provides not one, but a legion of voices to the podcast. You can follow him on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. You can also slum your way over to any one of Jacksonville’s open mics and see him perform comedy.

Edmund Dansart (AKA edbot5000 AKA Shanghai Bunz) is an artist, quasi-musician, spiritual agnostic, comic book enthusiast, unqualified art historian, collector, horror, sci-fi, comedy, kung-fu movie and pro-wrestling fan. He grew up on the mean streets of Murray Hill and now lives in his secret compound outside of the city.  Ed’s role is to provide off color comments and jokes while fanning the flames of the internal power struggle among the rest of the crew. He also draws stuff, runs the Shortbox Instagram account and shares other social media duties with Badr.

Edmund’s artwork can be seen on his website: There you can also see his current art and comic projects as well as pictures of food and his cat Gracie. You can also catch him at various regional comic conventions selling various art things.

Say “Hi” and bring money.

Adam Wollet is a writer, letterer, and embracer of all things geeky. His obsessions flip seamlessly from Star Wars, to Game of Thrones, to Tabletop gaming, all of which he can't help but mention as often as possible on The Short Box. He is known by many names, including but not limited to: The Lion of Legalese, Wrangler of Rumors, Freer of Facts, Filleter of Fictions, Duke of Dice, Reasonus Rex, and maybe someday, Protector of the Realm. On The Short Box, Adam primarily ensures that the rest of the cast doesn't have too much fun.
Adam's graphic novel, Kingdom Bum, is available from Action Lab Entertainment, and his lettering work can be seen in works from publishers including Heavy Metal Magazine, Action Lab Entertainment, and IDW,

Andrew Torres Andrew (shown here with Walt) claims his purpose for helping create the podcast in 2012 was to share the zeal he and his friends had for comic’s and pop culture with other like-minded fanboys. He was enlisted in the Navy as a Hospital Corpsman when the show started in 2012 and it led to an early departure when he received orders to Marine Corps Base Camp Lejeune in Jacksonville, North Carolina. Andrew returned to Jacksonville, FL early 2015 and he’s been back to supporting the show since. He’s recently helped co-host episodes with hometown and international musical guests such as Paten Locke, MOYAMOYA, and the Sea Cycles.

On any day of the week it’s not uncommon to find Drew at a coffee shop and a book or three stuffed in a backpack. He’s always ready to win any new-comer looking to dive into comic’s or anime with a few quick draw recommendations. Andrew is currently a fulltime student working towards his nursing degree.

Ashley Lanni Hoye has been reading comics, drawing, and running with scissors since she was little. Her first foray into comics was being 8 years old digging through the 25 cent bin at the local flea market and she has the stacks of mangled Fantastic Fours to prove it.

Currently, she is a freelance illustrator working on children's books and has worked with Action Lab, Heroic Publishing, Red Stylo Media and Perfect Storm Publishing on comic projects. You can visit her at Superhero Beach on Thursdays and Saturdays where she's always excited to talk about comics, Justified, and Big Foot. She's the newest co-host on The Short Box and is ready to ride her fellow co-hosts coattails to the top.

Walter Gant is a city planner , co-creator of the Short Box podcast, and former member of the Side Hustle podcast. He is also a loyal follower of all Denver sports teams, especially the Denver Broncos. He took a love of music, movies, tv, books, sports, pro wrestling and comics from his parents. He currently resides in Orlando but occasionally shows up to add a little anarchy to Short Box.