Stephen Joost Urges Voting No On Pension 'Plan'

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Last week we ran videos from former City Council Presidents, Stephen Joost and Bill Bishop answering the question why the Pension Issue was not resolved during their time on Council, or during their presidencies. Today we are running their statements explaining why they urge voters to reject the current plan proposed by the Curry Administration. Join us after the jump for Stephen Joost's statement.

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Credit Stephen Joost for Firehouse Subs’ financial well-being. You can trace the company’s financial discipline back to a chance ’94 conversation between Stephen and the Sorensen brothers. Stephen was quite impressed with what the Sorensens were up to; he took a chance and joined their team, without pay, teaching them to balance the company checkbook along the way. In recent years, Stephen oversaw the budget for his community as a member (and former president) of the City Council in Jacksonville, FL. Source: Firehouse Subs

Joost has been a reliably pro business and conservative voice for the past decade in the City of Jacksonville.

He was elected President of the City Council in 2011.

To get a vibe on Joost (who took over during an enormous budget shortfall his year of Presidency) check out this really great interview from the Daily Record here