Stephen Dare and Trump Surrogate Radio Star Andy Dean

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In 2012 Stephen Dare interviewed rising star of right wing talk radio, Andy Dean. Listen to a lively discussion about politics, conservative philosophy and the backstory behind the young man making big waves nationally. This is a matchup that fans of politics will not want to miss. With his Harvard pedigree, an entree into national pop culture by Donald Trump, and mentorship with Neil Boortz it was an entertaining and fascinating discussion that dwelt heavily on Donald Trump and family. Readers of Metro Jacksonville can only imagine how Stephen Dare and he hit it off!

What I find striking is the conversation about Trump prior to his recasting as political villain by his own campaign this past year.  Andy stepped down from one of the most prominent positions in talk radio in 2014, two years after this interview, and went on to his present career of speaking, advocacy and Trump boosting.

He's a sharp and passionate guy, with whom I agree on almost nothing, but it was genuinely stimulating and enjoyable to debate with him. (I think he lost badly, but his supporters think that I did)  I still think he is a guy with a bullet.  He's brilliant, quick, charming and with a great capacity for adaptation and rethinking.  Several times we reference Neil Boortz---who was apparently a big deal with the right wing at the time.  I had no real idea who he was, and I think most people would have the same problem in the present.

However, the long discussion about Trump and his family is worthwhile because it reminds us that no matter what execrable political postures someone takes, there is still a human being somewhere in the mix.

Interview by Stephen Dare and Andy Dean

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