Out of Bounds: Amanda Borges on Florida State Pros

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Remember the Florida State 2013 National Championship Team? Amanda Borges takes a look at where they are now in this episode of Out of Bounds, after the jump! (Hint: none of them are accountants or insurance salesmen.)

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Starring Amanda Borges
Camera: Chad Hendricks
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Amanda Borges is the Jacksonville Jaguars Reporter and On-Air Radio Host for the Jaguars radio affiliate, 1010XL and 92.5 FM in Jacksonville, FL.  She attends team practices, training camp, games, and events associated with the Jaguars. She’s a part of 1010XL’s afternoon drive program, The Frank Frangie Show, and she’s a co-host of the station’s all-female sports show, Helmets and Heels.
Source: http://www.amandaborges.net

Amanda Borges photo by Toni Smailagic