Out of Bounds: Amanda Borges interviews Sheldon Day

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Jacksonville Jaguars defensive tackle Sheldon Day sits down to talk with 1010XL and Out of Bounds host Amanda Borges, and surprise! He's rather charming! What quarterback does he most look forward to sacking? What's he going to do with his first NFL paycheck? Find out the answers to these questions and more, in the video after the jump!

A TV Jax production
Starring Amanda Borges & Sheldon Day
Produced by Amanda Borges & Warren Skeels
Cameras: Patrick Kinney & Sam Farmer
Edited by: Marlon Smith
Production Assistant: Megan Byron
Still Photography: Toni Smailagic
Logo design: Deshaun Davis

Amanda Borges is the Jacksonville Jaguars Reporter and On-Air Radio Host for the Jaguars radio affiliate, 1010XL and 92.5 FM in Jacksonville, FL.  She attends team practices, training camp, games, and events associated with the Jaguars. She’s a part of 1010XL’s afternoon drive program, The Frank Frangie Show, and she’s a co-host of the station’s all-female sports show, Helmets and Heels.
Source: http://www.amandaborges.net

Amanda Borges photo by Toni Smailagic