Melissa Ross: The Future of Hemming Park

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Dr. Wayne Wood and new Interim Director Bill Prescott join Melissa Ross on First Coast Connect to discuss the future of Hemming Park (which may be known to future generations as The War Against Narcoleptic Spite Monkeys). Check out the video after the jump!

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Friends of Hemming Park recently stopped live music in Downtown’s central park during weekday lunch hours due to budget constraints and feedback from City Council that city dollars should not be spent on programming or events.

That announcement came on the heels of city government  concerns over a recent audit and a general reduction of funding for the group.Now, a private sponsor, Jax Vision Care, is stepping up to provide live music in the park.

For a list of articles and another video interview about this bloody debacle, look here: Exit Interview: Hemming Park's Vince Cavin

For some basic information without all the invective, check out Friends of Hemming Park.

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