Main and Six Brewing Company

August 8, 2016 2 comments Open printer friendly version of this article Print Article

Dennis Espinoza has announced plans to purchase, lightly renovate and open the space at 1636 Main Street as a microbrewery, tentatively to be called Main and Six.

The space is presently the St. Augustine Paper Company.

There will be a zoning hearing next month for approval, which is expected to easily pass, followed by renovation approval and opening as a brew pub.

We spoke with Dennis earlier today, and he told us that he and his wife--who are residents of the Lakewood area-- chose the Main Street location after several years of loving and visiting the neighborhood.

They noticed that the homes were getting nicer, and the neighborhood has a great urban feel, but the commercial and entertainment options were almost completely dead.

Once they decided to open up a Microbrew, they shopped around the various neighborhoods and found themselves attracted to the much lower acquisition prices in Springfield.

He is a youngish law office manager of a San Marco attorney office with a tremendous amount of enthusiasm for both craft beer and the Springfield neighborhood.

There are no plans to open a restaurant portion of the business.  Instead Dennis envisions using the parking lots for a brisk food truck area in the manner of aardwolf in San Marco.

It looks like they will get the space open at the same time as three other entertainment places on Main Street (Crispy's, 9th and Main, Hyperion)

We wish the enterprise well, and will keep you updated on the progress.