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Tonight, embattled incumbent Angela Corey, State Attorney in Florida's Fourth Judicial Circuit Court, will go head-to-head with opponents Wes White and Melissa Nelson in what is sure to be a gloves-off debate live streamed on WJXT Channel 4 starting at 8 p.m. Corey still enjoys extensive Republican institutional support for her re-election campaign from folks like Mayor Lenny Curry, somewhat embattled himself as his approval rating has decreased after serving as emcee to Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump in Jacksonville on August 3rd. Click on the Linky to watch the lifestream! Or follow along on the forums as Meredith OMalley Johnson, Arash Kamiar and Stephen Dare liveblog this sucker.

Debates Preview
By Meredith O’Malley Johnson aka Political MOJO

State Attorney Race
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Wes White, former Assistant State Attorney and director of the Nassau County SA Office, trails the field in recent polls, but has the support of several prominent local African Americans, like Rev. R.L. Gundy and activist Denise Hunt. He also filed a lawsuit a few months ago against the Duval County School Board on behalf of a local parent who didn’t want her kids in bathrooms with transgender kids, angering Jacksonville’s more progressive communities.

Melissa Nelson, former criminal prosecutor in the State Attorney’s Office, was a late addition to the race, and has been leading in fundraising since jumping into the fray in early May. She also holds some prominent endorsements, like Audrey Moran and the NRA.

There was a push among some Democrats to change party affiliation to Republican to enable voting in this closed Republican primary (notoriously closed by a plant from Angela Corey’s campaign and directed by her former campaign manager), with an estimate of around 6,000 voters making the switch, enough to potentially sway the results. Melissa Nelson, judging from campaign contributions from monied Democrats, seems to have the edge with the party-switching white Dem crowd.

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