Who Will The Jaguars Draft?

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The NFL Draft is almost here. Finally. For rabid NFL fans, it is time to rejoice. It feels like Christmas with every GM playing the part of Santa delivering a shiny new toy that fills each of us with hope, excitement and cheer. But how will it affect Jville and the Jaguars?

The NFL Draft is almost here.  

Big Sigh of Relief.  

Finally.  For rabid NFL fans like myself, it is time to rejoice.  It feels like Christmas with every GM playing the part of Santa delivering a shiny new toy that fills each of us with hope, excitement and cheer.  For fans of the 31 teams who did not win the Superbowl (that’s us) it means “now is our time.”

Of course, every beginning means the end of something else.  At 8pm eastern standard time when NFL Commish, Roger Goodell, steps up to the podium in Chicago and announces that the “The Rams are on the clock”, it will also signify that Mock Draft season will officially be over.  

Another sigh of relief.  

We finally get to see how the GMs of all 32 teams really view the players that have been aligned to them by all of the mock draft prognosticators.  

For the Jaguars there is an overwhelming consensus, knee issues aside, that Myles Jack should be selected by the Jaguars.  He makes sense on every level.  He would provide youth to an aging linebacker corp. He can provide elite coverage skills on third downs. But, what do I like best about him?  He is considered an overall "difference maker."  Those are words I like to hear.  

And, according to national and local sports writers the consensus seems to be that there are truly only two elite "difference makers" in this draft class: Jalen Ramsey and Myles Jack.. . .But hold on. . . this isn’t real.  Those are guesses.  Informed guesses, but guesses all the same.  The truth is, nobody knows who the Jaguars really value and if either one of those players are valued highly enough for the Jaguars to select them 5th overall.  

Just a few years ago, we were aligned with WR Sammy Watkins or LB Khalil Mack, and low and behold David Caldwell plucked QB Blake Bortles off the board with the third pick.  Surprise! With Mack and Watkins on the board, how could he have done that to us?  We booed.  We shook our heads at our television sets in disappointment.  

And we were wrong. As it turns out, all three, Bortles, Mack and Watkins have grown into pretty stellar performers.  Every GM and owner will tell you that the quarterback position is the most critical to get right for a team’s future success.  So, what I am saying is - let’s cool our jets and be open to who we draft.  

David Caldwell and his staff are experts.  Their jobs are on the line with the success and failure of every pick. They want to get it right.  Remember when NFL.com analyst Daniel Jeremiah mocked the Jaguars to select RB Jay Ajayi with the 36th pick last season?  David chose RB TJ Yeldon (ranked 60 on Jeremiah’s board) and Jay Alayai wasn’t drafted until 149 by the Dolphins. Yeldon had over 1,000 all purpose yards as a rookie and Ajayi had 187 yards rushing.

 This is why David Caldwell is a GM and Daniel Jeremiah is a TV guy.

This year we have been aligned with Myles Jack by practically the entire sports radio and television industry. Don’t count on him being our pick.  

Don’t be surprised to hear Shaq Lawson, DeForest Buckner, Vernon Hargreaves or Laremy Tunsil’s name called when the Jaguars are on the clock.  

And, don’t be upset because the national and local sportswriters had you convinced that Myles Jack is the absolute best option for the Jaguars.  

Because, quite simply, he may not be.  Only David knows.  And so far, with what he has put together in the draft for our offense (Bortles, Robinson, Yeldon), I trust him.

Do you trust David Caldwell to make the right picks to establish the Jaguars on the defensive side of the ball?

Warren Skeels

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