MJ and TVJax Partnership

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We recently started a content partnership with the video on demand group, TVJax.com. We will be co posting daily video content designed for mobile consumption as well as longer more detailed and informative pieces. But what exactly is all this new content? Check out what TVJax is all about after the jump!

The new video content will differ somewhat from our ongoing coverage.  It will be lighter, for the most part, and shorter, and obviously aimed at people with a few minutes to spare on their mobile devices.  It will also concentrate on fashion, health, dining and lifestyle content.

We join TVJax.com in mid production of several ongoing series. Fashion Gone Local, featuring Yoanna House, Jacksonville's beloved winner of America's Top Model. First Coast Connect with Melissa Ross (in cooperation with WJCT). The Tonight! with Jim Alabiso Show, spotlighting interviews with local artists and celebrities. SwagTV, featuring the music content of Jacksonville's amazing music scene. Political MOJO with Meredith O'Malley Johnson (online) which will provide political discourse and coverage throughout the election year.  These shows will be launched first.

But that is just the beginning.  Not only will these shows begin appearing on a regular schedule in the coming weeks, but we are working on new sports, news, and commentary video content over the next few months as well.  Among these will be a video version of one of MJ's most popular features from a few years ago, Crash Trash and Weekend Bash giving immediate coverage of the clubs and nightlife of Jville's most entertaining districts.

In addition, our already existing video and policy interviews will be moving to higher production quality as we bring you compelling conversations with leaders in the world of planning and development as well as cultural icons.

This content will join, not replace, our editorial content and forum discussion, and we hope that you enjoy the new videos and welcome the TVJax team to the site.

Here's to the future.

You can check out the TVJax website at