Melissa Ross: John Caulfield, Former Diplomat to Cuba

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Retired senior diplomat to Cuba John Caulfield talks to Melissa Ross on First Coast Connect about President Obama’s visit to Cuba, meeting with Raul Castro, and subsequent Q & A with American and Cuban press. Caulfield and Ross discuss the longstanding Cuban embargo and the potential for geopolitical change within US-Cuba relations. Join us for the fascinating discussion from our partners at TVJax after the jump!

Caulfield lays out the ways in which Cuban government justifies the struggling economy and use of repression, but he notes that new, emerging ideas and a burgeoning middle class are aiding in the tides of change, along with the formation of Cuban companies in spite of government regulations. Clips of Obama’s speech to the press and the public highlight the achievable facets of sustainable prosperity and the desire to move beyond lackluster US efforts in order to promote the free exchange of ideas.

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