Stephen Dare: Why I am Supporting Lisa King

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Stephen Dare explains why you should vote for Lisa King in her run for City Council in the upcoming election.

When I first heard that Lisa was running for political office, I was actually rather thrilled.  Ive known Lisa for almost 25 years now, having first met her in the early 90s in the nascent political movement that was beginning to gather in the historic districts that surround the city core.

She is an empowered, seriously smart, and deeply passionate person who has spent the better part of her life trying to make the world that she lives in a better place.  She worked, like so many many others-- without pay-- for many years on various boards, including RAP and the Planning Commission, driven by a clear sense of mission in the world.  Since Ive known her, she was been constantly kept plugged into community life by the many people who recognized her indefatigable work ethic and deeply clever mind.

She is part of the rising generation of civic champions who have spent more than two decades working hard to understand the city that they live in, and I have to say that she is probably one of the best examples of that generation.  Like Lori Boyer, a true community asset.

What Lisa puts her commitment behind, she puts everything she has into.  Inventive, savvy, considerate, and when called for: remarkably frank and no nonsense.  In short, the very best qualities to serve, represent and lead any community.  If I had to pick 10 people to survive with after the Zombie apocalypse, Lisa King would be among my first choices.  (Although I feel relatively certain that she would be smart enough to avoid the possibility, and would be long gone with Kay Ehas and Lori Boyer before I realized that the problem was in fact, all the damned zombies.)

In preparing for her campaign to represent her district, LIsa typically took the time to take stock of the priorities and tools of the area. She looked hard at the tremendous ecological preserves, the possibilities of finally harnessing them for economic benefit and formulated a plan.

Additionally, she meticulously took stock of the crumbling infrastructure and needs of the physical backbone of the area, identified what needs to be done and committed herself to a way forward to see those goals realized.

The district has been fairly capably represented by Bill Bishop for the past eight years, but much of that time has been spent trying to deal with the aftermath of the great collapse of 2008.  

Handing off the district to a superpower like Lisa King would bring the kind of changes for the better that happened in Riverside/San Marco during a similar time when the boundaries split the historic areas between Tilly Fowler and Ginny Myrick, and frankly the area is one of the most potentially wonderful parts of Jacksonville, including the Pumpkin Hill Preserve one of the oldest continuously inhabited areas ever discovered in the Americas.  Lisa can unlock that potential, and the whole city will benefit as a result.

The Times Union has endorsed her, people from all over the city have contributed to her campaign (for good reason) and she is one of the best and brightest that the city has to offer.

We need her on our City Council.

We have been aiming for a council free of fools (after a long fool laden era of blisteringly inadequate representation) and some of the worst offenders are being term limited out of there this election, so…thank god.

But in addition to a lack of fools, we need smart, capable, visionaries.

Lisa King is all three.

That is why I am supporting her and urge everyone who reads MetroJacksonville to do the same.  Vote for her. Encourage your friends and relatives who live in her district to vote for her. Maybe help volunteer over the remaining days of the campaign. Money helps too.  And at this stage of a campaign, ever 10 dollars helps.  If you can't volunteer, buy the volunteers a pizza.  Share this post on Facebook and social media. Spread the word.  

Whatever it takes.  This opportunity is too good to pass up.

Stephen Dare

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