Mike Williams: Why I Want To Be Your Next Sheriff

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Mike Williams pens a short guest column explaining why he is running for Sheriff of Jacksonville in the upcoming election. A seasoned, veteran cop, Williams will be contributing a few op ed pieces over the next two weeks about some of the issues confronting Law Enforcement in the coming years. Join us after the jump for his introductory essay!

When I joined the JSO in 1991, I was excited for a career in law enforcement because I had watched my father go to work every day as a police officer for Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office.  And while following in his footsteps made the decision an easy one, it was my experience at the Academy that solidified my passion for my chosen career.

From there, I challenged myself to train and excel in as many specialized units as I could; from the city’s first Bicycle Patrol to the SWAT Team and the Bomb Squad and I loved every minute.  

As I rose through the leadership ranks, my commitment to the agency grew even deeper as my scope of responsibility expanded. More than two decades later, I feel more compelled than ever to continue to serve the community that I have worked hard to fight crime in every day of my career.

Additionally, I want to give back to the agency that gave me so many opportunities – I want to ensure it remains a national leader in law enforcement as well as community model for relationships with partner organizations and the citizens we serve.

As Sheriff, I know can bring that commitment, the leadership, and my experience to the agency and to the City of Jacksonville.

Mike Williams