Lisa King Proposes Eco-tourism Developments

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Lisa King Proposes Eco-tourism Developments to Promote and Preserve Parks of District 2. It's a smart and sustainable model for improving quality of life as well as bringing additional revenue to the area. It's a model that the rest of the city would do well to look at. Have a look at the details after the jump!

District Two is home to the Lion’s share of the country’s largest urban park system including three national parks as well as over a dozen of state and municipal park facilities.  These recreation and conservation lands stand as shinning examples of development done correctly and it is vital that they be preserved for future generations.

The parks of district two run the gambit of north Florida aquatic ecosystems, from the marine waters of Big Talbot Island to the brackish salt marshes of Huguenot Park to the fresh tannin rich streams of Pumpkin Hill Creek.  In what is one of Jacksonville’s fastest developing districts these ever stressed aquatic gems are more valuable than ever, that is why it is so important to have a leader in district two who understands the intricacies of development and the necessity of preserving our unique natural beauty.  

With over 80,000 acres of preservation lands in a wide range of habitats ecotourism should be a boon to the economy of district two and Jacksonville as a whole, but a lack of appropriate lodging causes visitors to Jacksonville’s parks to stay in Nassau or St Johns Counties.  To capitalize on its unique natural resources district two needs a lodge style accommodation with river access.  The historical significance of the first coast, with Fort Caroline being the original American settlement is a massive draw to European tourists.

The people of district two deserve a leader who understands the complexity of these issues and will work to maximize both historical and ecological tourism in this, the lion’s share of the country’s largest urban park system.  

To help elect Lisa King, donate, or ask further questions, check out her website at