Lisa King: Additional Funding for Roads in District 2

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"As a member of the Planning Commission I have been a strong voice in redevelopment of our City's core, particularly in defending the zoning overlays of our historic neighborhoods. Providing safe options for pedestrians and cyclists, as well as mass transit, is key for the continued rebirth of these neighborhoods." This is the statement of Lisa King, Candidate for City Council. Check out her program after the jump!

Infrastructure in District 2 has been sorely underfunded for far too long. I will continue to ensure that sidewalks and bike trails are made part of road widening projects scheduled in District 2, as I have on the Long Range Transportation Steering Committee of the North Florida TPO for the past three years.

Being a resident of the Northside for the past twenty years has given me unique insight into the problems faced by Northside residents. The northern part of my district is rapidly suburbanizing, while currently being served by 2 lane country roads with no shoulders, some of which are also impacted by port traffic. This creates a dangerous situation, which requires a leader who understands transportation funding and can direct it to residential corridors. The sorry state of Yellow Bluff Road, the desperate need for widening of North Main Street, and the dangerous amount of potholes on Ulta Drive, are just a few of the concerns that I am determined to address