Anna Brosche: Why I am Running For Council

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Anna Lopez Brosche is running for council in an At Large district that is badly in need of new representation. Check out her background and why she decided to run for office after the Jump!

My reasons are this simple:  I am proud of Jacksonville and I want to make a difference.

I am almost 43, a Jacksonville native, and a Filipino-American.  While I grew up in Murray Hill, I spent eight childhood years in other cities because my Dad served in the U.S. Navy.  Jacksonville was always home and was always our first choice when choosing military destinations every three years.  I knew in my 11th grade Accounting class that I was going to be an accountant and I was happy to return and earn my Bachelor of Business Administration (Accounting) and Master of Accountancy degrees from the University of North Florida.  

I obtained my certified public accounting (CPA) license in 1995 and I have been in accounting my entire 20-plus-year career.  I am managing partner at Ennis Pellum CPAs, where I have been for over 12 years and lead the firm’s financial statement audit practice.  I work with businesses large and small, public and private.  Beyond the technical accounting and auditing work, I serve as the creator and champion of our local, state, and national award-winning best places to work culture.  These 13 awards are the product of valuing each employee and understanding what success means to them, creating a vision and mission that guides each person and the collective team every day, and a robust system of ongoing communication.  Happy and engaged employees help us serve happy and engaged clients.  

On the family front, I am married to Lieutenant Commander Dave Brosche and we have a blended family of 3 children ages 22, 14, and 8.  Dave is a former submariner who now serves in the U.S. Navy Reserve and was deployed to Djibouti, Africa in 2014.  I am very proud of his service and of my long-term connection to the military.

In the community, I have enjoyed serving in many ways.  I began my community service as Jacksonville Women’s Business Center’s (JWBC) Advisory Board Chair, where I developed curriculum to mentor women business owners about how to use their numbers to make business decisions and create jobs.  Through JWBC, the Beaver Street Enterprise Center, and the U.S. Small Business Administration, I have mentored dozens of business owners.  Currently, I serve as Board Chair of United Way of Northeast Florida and lead a strong volunteer base impacting lives through education, income, and health programs and initiatives.  I’ve also mentored dozens of aspiring and emerging young professionals through the JAX Chamber and the University of North Florida.
All of what I have shared has a common theme:  service.  I learned to serve as a child in the military and as a child of a hard-working immigrant who joined the United States Navy to provide for his 13-member family back in the Philippines and to realize the American Dream.  I continue that service as a military wife, and I serve my employees, my clients, and my community every single day.  I have now made a choice to serve my hometown in a much larger way:  by running for and serving on City Council.  

I want what we all want:  for Jacksonville to be a place that everyone chooses to call home.  I want a Jacksonville:  that provides economic opportunity to every citizen in every neighborhood; that has a thriving and growing business community; that provides a robust and meaningful education to 100% of its students, not 74%, and from early learning to higher education to skills and trades, builds the workforce that our dynamic and changing business community needs; that has a strong downtown and a vibrant cultural scene; that honors and respects each and every person that calls Jacksonville home; that our military members can trust will welcome and keep their families safe while they are deployed; and, selfishly, that my children will choose to live, work, and raise their own families.

Beyond the financial focus that comes naturally to me, I have a long list of large-scale initiatives that would lead to my vision that Jacksonville become the healthiest City in the United States, many of which are discussed at length right here on Metro Jacksonville.  Examples include tackling mental health in our youth, promoting medical tourism, being a walkable and bike-friendly city, being a county-wide bike trail destination, being a wireless city, and other things that would contribute to a “healthiest city” label.  I will be narrowing down to a handful of items for which I can focus and effect change.

While I do not have experience in government, my history leading large organizations and making and executing tough decisions, my education and financial experience, and my commitment of service are a unique blend of skills I’d like to offer our City.  I plan to use them to tackle the city budget, protect tax dollars, ferret out government waste, serve every neighborhood, and lead Jacksonville to and through positive change.  I am planful and thoughtful, and work with others to identify solutions that are right for each set of circumstances and right for the community at large.  I value others who think differently and see things differently; the community progresses farther faster when we bring together diverse perspectives and skills.  And, I am driven to accomplish and I am passionate about Jacksonville.

So, as I began, I am asking for your vote because I am proud of Jacksonville and I want to make a difference.  Will you help me?

Please visit to learn more about her service and campaign endorsements.