Curry Transition Subcommittee Members Announced

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Jacksonville, FL – Today, as Transition Chairman Tom Petway and Co-Chairs Rena Coughlin and Dr. Charles Moreland meet with the Transition Subcommittee Chairs to lay out the work ahead, Mayor-elect Lenny Curry is proud to announce the current roster of subcommittee members who will be conducting the transition business. "I am pleased that such a talented and diverse cross-section of civic leaders has assembled for this important work," said Curry. "These committee members and chairs are bringing together vast amounts of expertise to ensure my administration is successful. I am grateful for their service." Join us after the jump for the details.

This is the list of people serving on the Transition Team Subcommittees.  By far it looks like John Delaney has put together the all-star team for his subcommittee.  Some of the best people in the city will be serving on that committee, and it will probably be where the best and most inspirational work comes from.

Kerri Stewart makes a long needed comeback to the city.  She is quite literally one of the most competent people to serve in administration that the city has had since Sam Mousa. Nice to see her heading up the Operations, HR & Productivity Subcommittee. She has a knack for how things work thats pretty amazing to see in action.

Not expecting a lot from Denise Lee's Blight Committee.  Or perhaps, not expecting a lot of good.  I'm sure there will be plenty of terrible ideas to come out of it.  Unfortunately, this one will need monitoring.  On the other hand, Denise is the most unpredictable politician in the city, so she might just pull a rabbit out of the hat. Alex Coley is on that committee with her, so who knows….  We shall see.
There are a couple of legacy appointments on these committees.  Gulliford and Mousa.

Mike Field, a long time fellow of Metrojacksonville for a few years is on the  Streamlining Growth and Opportunity Committee.

Streamlining Growth & Opportunity
T.R Hainline (Chair)

Kathy Barco
Mike Field
Steve Leggett
Jon McGowan
Marc Padgett
Lynn Pappas
Devin Reed
Carlton Robinson
Denise Wallace

Ed Burr (Chair)

Jacquie Gibbs
Eric Green
Wight Greger
Dane Grey
Deno Hicks
Derek Igou
Mark Middlebrook
Rick Morales
Greg Nettuno
Meghan Parekh
Brian Shell
Scott Shine
Operations, HR & Productivity
Kerri Stewart (Chair)

Von Alexander
Mike Clapsaddle
Jed Davis
Jason Finley
Nancy Garcia
Marie Howard
Sean Paley
Ju'Coby Pittman
The Honorable Harriett Pruett
Ron Salem
Jessica Shepler
Economic Development
President John Delaney (Chair)

Omega Allen
Mike Balankey
The Honorable Elaine Brown
Steve Crosby
Cathy Disbrow Brown
Terrance Freeman
Todd Froats
Ceree Harden
Abel Harding
Howard Korman
Dawn Lockhart
Eric K. Mann
Jeanne Miller
Ginny Myrick
Chris Quinn
Paul Tutwiler
Aaron Zahn

Prevention, Intervention & At-Risk Youth
Paul Perez (Chair)
The Honorable Johnny Gaffney (Co-Chair)

Pedro Cohen
Toni Crawford
Trey Csar
The Honorable WC Gentry
Reverend John Guns
Tameka Holley
Tom Messer
Leila Mousa
Misty Skipper
Bill Spann
Debbie Verges
Dr. Nikolai Vitti
Mal Washington
Scott Wiley
The Honorable Carolyn Woods

The Honorable Denise Lee (Chair)

Paul Astleford
Alex Coley
Tripp Gulliford
Chris Hagan
The Honorable Suzanne Jenkins
Ali Korman Shelton
Jackie Perry
Ivan Rodriguez
Will Torres
A Safer Jacksonville

Reverend Fred Newbill (Chair)

John Falconetti
Kevin Gay
April Green
Bishop John Howard
The Honorable Charlie Latham
Frank Mackesy
Janet Owen
Nicole Padgett
Larry Peterson
Latanya Peterson

Ty Petway
Fiscal Responsibility

Jay Demetree (Chair)

Andy Crawford
Aubrey Edge
Kelly Flanagan

Hugh Greene

Cindy Stover
John Surface

article by stephen dare