Video Retrospective of Stonewall In Hemming Park 2015

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A special video documentary produced by Keagan Anfuso and Jay Palmer of Crux Collective that looks at the first annual Stonewall in Hemming Park, which took place in June of 2015. Check out this amazing video. Brilliant work from some of Jville's most amazing emerging talents.

As can be seen in the video, the first Stonewall in Hemming Park celebration was a huge success and notable for the youthfulness and diversity of the crowd that came out for a Pride event.

This video also commemorates the fact that shortly before the event, the Supreme Court decided in the affirmative for Marriage Equality, and for the first time in history anyone in America can marry the person that they love.

Huge thank you to Keagan Anfuso and Jay Palmer of Crux Collective for volunteering this coverage of this event in Hemming Park on behalf of Metro Jacksonville!! They pulled it together at the very last minute, with he full support and help of Crux Collective, the burgeoning artists collective that has been operating with no fanfare in Springfield for the past couple of years.

The flipping amazing music track in this video is by one of Jville's most important emerging bands, Tomboi.  It is an unreleased version of their track, "Surrender"

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to find out more about the Crux Collective check out their Facebook page:

Hemming Park has really come back over the past year because of the excellent programming and energy of the Friends of Hemming Park.  To see more of their calendar, refer to their Facebook page:

Karrissa Wade, who was the tireless and unbeatable Emcee for the event is a long time contributor of Metrojacksonville.  Check out her exploits and events here:

Tomboi is the matchless band that has been shaking the ground here in Jville.  Definitely worth following. If you can get to one of their shows, Do it as fast as possible.