Karrissa Wade Interviews Amber

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Amber, the Pop Superstar who kind of rocked local airwaves with her hit single 'Sexual' a couple of years back will be performing at an uncharacteristically intimate venue here in Jax: Hamburger Mary's. Karrissa Wade caught up with the performer for a surprising interview that takes us from GLBT issues to the Demilitarized Zone in Korea. Join us for the details after the jump!

Karrissa Wade: Whats it  like performing in a smaller venue such as Hamburger  Mary's  as opposed to the large stadiums that you are used to?

Amber: I do a good mix of them and the smaller they are, the more intimate they get. I enjoy both and have the best of both worlds.

Karrissa Wade: You have such a large fan base  especially  in Lgbt  night clubs. What are your  thoughts on this?

Amber: As an artist, I did not purposely go out and cater to a LGBT crowd - even though I also enjoy a straight fan base, I quite enjoy having that intense loyalty of my LGBT fans. The atmosphere is always very positive and supportive and I really appreciate that.

Karrissa Wade: Are you working  on any new projects?

Amber: I have been writing... but nothing yet to talk about.

Karrissa Wade: What can we expect to see from you in your performance.

Amber: I will give them the hits they want to hear, of course. I am blessed to have been the soundtrack to many lives out there and been able to touch a nerve in some ways.

Karrissa Wade: What's  the back story to your song sexual.

Amber: It was about a heterosexual relationship and being sensually playful...but the LGBT community heard it, swore I wrote it for them alone, made it theirs and ran with it! That is the beauty of music...it is all a question of individual perception and interpretation.

Karrissa Wade: Where is the weirdest  place youve performed.

Amber: Probably at the DMZ in Korea - to see these young kids about to be sent off to a senseless war based on lies...very sad...I kept thinking, that many of them would not return and just be used as senseless cannon fodder for reckless politics. And that is exactly what happened.

Karrissa Wade: Many drag queens have entertained the audiences with your hits. Your thoughts on this?

Amber: I LOVE it!!...how much better can it get than to see drag queens performing your songs? They are way more woman with their clothes and make up than I will ever be…;)

Amber performs Sunday @ 8pm at Hamburger Mary's
3333 Beach Boulevard.
You can call Hamburger Mary's or drop by for tickets.
904 551 2048

About Karrissa Wade

Karrissa Wade is one of the most accomplished and well known drag performers in J-ville.  Active in politics, theatre, art and the performance and pageant circuit, she has been the host of countless charity events and benefits, and has been a correspondent for MetroJacksonville since 2008.

You can catch her regular performances at Hamburger Marys or connect with her on Facebook.