Amazing Local Original Play: St. George and the Dragon

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This show is absolutely delightful! After a critically acclaimed run in October, St. George and the Dragon is back for the holidays with three encore performances. St. George and the Dragon features some of Jacksonville’s most versatile actors and its ambitious technical elements include an original film style score, and a 20-foot dragon brought to life by a team of puppeteers.

One of the truly delightful bits of news this holiday season:

There is going to be a Special Holiday Encore Performance Run of

St George and the Dragon
A new play by Jason Woods

Dates: December 17 18 19 | Thu Fri Sat 7:30pm

Location: WJCT Studio A Soundstage | 100 Festival Park Ave



The Play

A tale of magic, poetry, and cake, this rollicking adventure for the whole family reminds us that gallant knights, fair maidens, and fearsome dragons may not be what they seem, and we all might be a little braver than we ever imagined.

The Playwright and the Director

JASON WOODS is an actor, director and creative conjurer residing in Jacksonville, FL. He was recently seen onstage as Ludwig van Beethoven in The 5 & Dime’s production of 33 Variations and directing credits include The Wind in the Willows, Peter Pan, The Music Man, Charlotte’s Web, Oliver!, and The Wizard of Oz.

Although he’s adapted a number of literary works for the stage, including A Christmas Carol as a one-man performance, this production marks Mr. Woods’ first completely original play.

“This process has been both surreal and joyous. It's thrilling to hear actors interpret the characters in their own ways and discover something that works better than I could have imagined. It’s a new experience for me, seeing what people can do with my building blocks. Words are everything; they are structure and story... but actors are waves of magic.”

The Cast:

Starring Alec Hadden as St George, Anna Olivia Deyo  as Olivia Chandler, Joshua Taylor as Checkley, Matt Tompkins as Tumble, Patti Rohman Menefee as Winifred Isabel Titania Charlotte Higgins, Kristopher Stam as Erik the Goblin, Robert Banks as Moonwig Grumblemuff

Featuring Kelby Siddons as Margaret, a fairy, Kelley Stam as Mistletoe, Teresa Perry as Stella, Jason Collins as Town Crier, Bill White as Novel,  Myles Edward Hughes as Map

With Kristin Alexander, Julie Buckley, Rosalie Davies, Sheana Fergus, Eve Holway, Chad Krug, Megan Landis, Cameron Pfahler, Boston Woods, Hannah Woods, Ashley Yarham, Eric Yarham, Ava Zilahy