Vagabond Coffee Opening in Murray Hill

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The amazing little coffee vendor in Hemming Park has made the leap to brick and mortar in Murray Hill. At the old Fringe Cafe Space next to the Murray Hill Theatre. We captured a few shots of Will the owner of Vagabond outside painting the sign and got some inside photos. There is a Launch Party this weekend, click on the link to have a look!

The heart and soul of a coffee house: the equipment that makes the magic juice:

The Tables:  Will used to build the displays at Urban Outfitters and he has put his maker skills to use in the construction of the tables of the cafe.  The bottoms are all old school desks and the table tops are made from a reclaimed batch of wood gym flooring.  Pretty awesome feel and nice and solid feel.

Concrete floors and airy fifties era pastels give the space a very contemporary look:

photos and text by stephen dare