Underground Culture: HausParty: The Busted Ball

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Drag has undergone an experimental reinvention for the past 17 years or so, ever since the late 90s when the Tenderloin District in New York City exploded in a Punk/Drag fusion movement that resulted in cult classics like Hedwig and the Angry Inch. For the past couple of years a small group of experimental drag caricaturists has been creating and remixing drag, science fiction, avante grade and flash mob performance styles in the house parties and bars of Riverside. Now their shows are beginning to take on relevance at the same time that they are attracting a generational crowdswell. Join us after the jump for details on their latest show at Underbelly.

the event is called Haus Party and it is one of the most over the top, non traditional drag performances that can be experienced in the south.  Extremely creative sets and costumes, and most of the performance is crowd interactive and doesn't happen onstage.  Each of the performers is commissioned with the task of creating ambiance by participating in and with the crowds, performing in extreme character with the revelling crowd.  If you go to a Haus Party and don't interact with the well developed, unpredictable characters walking through the room then you haven't really experienced the best thing about it.

The crowd is extremely young and hip, not necessarily gay and incredibly diverse.  Definitely a late night kind of event.  The only thing that is consistent with a traditional drag show is that they literally never start on time.  From that point on the costumes, the free ranging performances and the outre character sketches are in a universe all their own.

The show is not for everyone obviously.  If you are expecting a traditional lipsynching torchsong with barbie doll look alike then you are going to be confused and angry by what happens.  But if you like an evening where you literally don't know whats going on or whats happening next, then this is pretty much ground zero of underground drag avante garde.

Here is a generic video from the Haus Party group (whose founders include Matthew Birmingham, Carl Cochrane, and Alex David Palmer) but it doesn't reflect this theme of the upcoming party: Busted.

The show attracts some of the brightest emerging talents in the city (you can generally find Keagan Anfuso, Drew Brown and the like in attendance) and the Busted party is going to be filmed and photographed by the most important rising art collective in the city: Crux Collective.

Here is the advert from their Facebook page:

August is too damn hot to be pretty so we are hosting our annual Ugly Party. Show up looking busted and let loose.

Live performances all night long from the baddest and boldest queens this side of Duval County including

Twinki, The Sexxxcore Rap Queen
Urethra Franklin, The Camp Sleaze Strip Tease
Scary Busey, The Maniac Pixie Dream Grrl
And a performance from the Bearded Lady Anachronism, BeBe Dee & Gerry Lee.

Plus a hot set by St Augustine's Sex God Rapper MF Goon!

DJ and Sound Engineering by JMix of Dem Godz.

Doors at 9
MF Goon @ 9:45
Drag Shows @ 10:30
BeBe Dee & Gerry Lee @ 11:30
More Drag Shows @ Midnight

18-20: 15$
21+: 10$

HAUS PARTY is Jacksonville's Premiere Underground Drag Show held every 2nd Friday at Underbelly in Downtown Jacksonville!

for more information check out their Facebook page:

text by stephen dare