Pete Rummel: One Spark May Help Create A Jville Brand

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Pete Rummel, the erudite man whose financial backing helped make One Spark a reality speaks about the Festival's role in helping create a Jacksonville Brand. Check out his thoughts after the jump!

What is Jacksonville’s brand? In other words, what do people think of when they think of this city?

The St. Johns River? Riverside and Avondale? Riverside Arts Market and Arts Walk? The locally brewed beers?

Or … do they think of nothing?

“If you say Orlando, Miami, Austin to somebody,” said Peter Rummell, a Jacksonville real estate developer, “then you get sort of a spark of some kind.”

While he doesn’t expect one event to build a reputation for the city, Rummell said he hopes that One Spark can bring attention and help brand the city.

That may be, in part, because Rummell is one of the primary financial supporters of One Spark. He was approached by festival founder Elton Rivas in 2013 with the idea for the festival and immediately jumped onboard.

Throughout the last three festivals – including this one – Rummell has underwritten a large part of the festival. After all, Rummell said he knew it would take years for One Spark to become self-sustaining and planned for patience.

Rummell said he would consider helping festival staff rework the formatting of One Spark after this year, like duration and locations, in relation to helping the event fund itself. He intends to fund future One Spark festivals until then.

“One Spark has been extremely beneficial as a way to brand the city,” said Rummell. The festival has also given him personally a better feel for the city and its residents.

“One of the things it’s given me exposure to that I didn’t really have was the sort of volunteer core of Jacksonville,” said Rummell. Through working on a massive event like One Spark for the past two years, he has a growing admiration for people who donate their time.

“It speaks to the pride people have in the city,” said Rummell, who moved to this area in the 1970s.

But Rummell isn’t the only local company or individual that sponsors the festival. One Spark is fortunate to draw from local businesses for funding as well.

“As a returning capital partner, we know first-hand the opportunities One Spark offers investors to connect live and in-person with quality investment opportunities,” said Jim Stallings.

Stallings is managing partner at the Florida-based business PS27 Venues, an advisor and investor for new products and idea. PS27 Venues uses the LEAN Start Up method, one that focuses on prospective consumer feedback during the beginning stages of product development, to jumpstart companies.

PS27 Venues’ contribution is a private investment offered to creators and is one of the few ways participants can earn funds to launch or grow their invention.
Sponsors also help with entertainment during One Spark.

Brumos Automotive announced Feb. 2 of its plan to bankroll One Spark After Dark, complete with live music, food trucks and limited edition One Spark brews from Intuition Brewery. Bands include Somebody Else, SUNBEARS! and Ha Ha Tonka.

“Sponsoring One Spark After Dark was such a success for Brumos last year,” said Charlie Tomm, president and CEO of Brumos Automotive, “we expanded our sponsorship for 2015.”

By Anne Carroll
#IgniteMedia News Bureau

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