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Keagan Anfuso, arguably one of the most exciting young emerging filmmakers in the area is teaming up with Drew Brown, the winner of last years student Oscars to create a nuanced film about gender stereotyping, and it promises to be gripping and relevant. The film is titled "The Grey Area" and already there is a poignant buzz about both their subject and their concept. Check out why you should vote for their project at One Spark after the jump.

The Grey Area is a perspective film providing insight into how the antiquated stereotypical definitions of gender affect the life of one masculine female.

More masculine than feminine since birth, Keagan Anfuso is a young adult female whose life has been heavily affected by the antiquated definitions and stereotypes of gender in oftentimes oppressive, strange, comical, and terrifying ways.

Throughout the film, Anfuso will provide dialogue about the anxieties, fears, limitations, and insecurities that her personal experiences with gender stereotyping since childhood, have caused her to develop. Through this, Anfuso has developed an incredibly unique and yet surprisingly simple perspective on her place in today’s culture.

Drew Brown and Keagan Anfuso, codirectors of the film in the back room at RainDog

The film is being co directed by Academy Award winner Drew Brown, the 22 year old local film maker who took the gold in his category at the student oscars last year (check out our coverage at the time here: ) and Keagan Anfuso, the remarkably talented film and video director who are collaborating on this very fresh foray into documentarian New Media.  As readers of MetroJacksonville know, Keagan is a long time video contributor to the website with her examinations of local artists and the quirky, romantic indie music scene happening in the urban core. For a look at some of Keagan's cinematic style check out here:

Dealing with the realities of Gender identity and stereotyping as a separate issue from sexual orientation, the proposed film is exciting as a way for breaking ground on the growingly important distinctions.

Drew Brown, bottom centerish, in LA, after getting the gold at the Student Oscars for his short film, "Person".

THE GREY AREA is conceptually designed to not only audibly present the perspective of the subject, but to also visually replicate her experiences for the audience. All dialogue and visual imagery in this film will be a representation of actual events and interactions from Anfuso’s daily life.

Although this is a film dedicated to focusing in on Keagan Anfuso and how she copes with gender stereotyping, it is our hope that by providing this unique insight, THE GREY AREA can grow to represent a small part of the long awaited and relevant, re-evaluation of how gender is generally perceived in society today.

Keagan, without spectacles, and Drew in a more relaxed moment.

Check the times for their pitch and to view the trailer (and Drew Brown's original short: Person) at the Jacksonville Museum of Contemporary Art and help support this amazing project.

by Stephen Dare