MOCA Provides Space for Creators of Film

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Filmmakers looking for the perfect venue for this year’s One Spark Festival found it in the Museum of Contemporary Art Jacksonville. This year, MOCA will serve as a special venue for displaying film projects. Join us after the jump for the details!

The Gray Area Poster, one of the films featured at the Museum of Contemporary Arts theatre

By Tony Cinca
#ignitemedia News Bureau

The museum is already well known for its atrium. Hidden directly below the atrium is the museum’s lesser-known theater space. The theater has a stage and can seat up to 125 viewers.

MOCA will provide the perfect setting for film creators, who last year struggled to show their work effectively. Setting up a booth with a viewing area or screen on which to display a film can be particularly difficult, especially in a festival atmosphere like One Spark.

Not only is the museum equipped to display films and film projects in a space that would allow for viewers to truly immerse themselves in the medium, the museum itself is centrally located in downtown Jacksonville, making it even more convenient for attendees to explore the projects on display.

“I personally talked to a lot of creators who had that problem, so we said ‘OK, let’s really advertise that MOCA’s a great place to host your creation if you’re a film creator,’” said Denise Reagan, communications director at MOCA.

Four creators have now been placed in the MOCA venue and a schedule of showings will be available to the public soon so that creators can self promote and encourage potential investors to come and see their films.

While MOCA is well prepared to host film creators, it will also be sharing the space with two local broadcast stations, WJCT News and WJXT News 4 Jax. WJCT will be pre-recording their program “First Coast Connect” with Melissa Ross at 8 p.m. on April 7, 8 and 9 and will air the show the following mornings on the radio on 89.9 FM or stream it through the WJCT website or the First Coast Connect Podcast.

Before Ross records her show each night, WJCT’s Music Director David Luckin will be playing music from his popular “Electro Lounge” program, starting at 7:30 p.m. Each program they record will feature speakers from the One Spark Speakers Summit, creator stories, festival news, and segments on MOCA itself.

While WJCT is pre-recording its programs on site, WJXT will be broadcasting live from MOCA, transforming the front half of the MOCA shop into a TV studio. The studio will broadcast live segments for all six days of the One Spark festival. Expect to see morning, noon, and evening programs being broadcast live from WJXT’s on-site TV studio.

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