MJ Partners with #IgniteMedia For One Spark Coverage

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MetroJacksonville is partnering with the #IgniteMedia News Bureau to cover OneSpark2015, providing expanded coverage, social media and liveblogging updates throughout the festival. #IgniteMedia is a pretty awesome service established at the University of North Florida, manned by young writers, editors and social media teams. Join us for more deets after the jump!

From the #IgniteMedia webpage:

#IgniteMedia is an independent news bureau that was created, designed and is frequently updated by student journalists from the University of North Florida. #IgniteMedia will appear across a variety of platforms ranging from print-ready stories appearing on this website to photos and short posts that will appear on social media platforms.  All the content will focus on events and issues concerning the One Spark festival that will take part in Jacksonville, Florida, from April 7 through April 12.

#IgniteMedia’s student reporters and editors are each equipped with skills that we intend to take full advantage of to keep our readers in the know concerning One Spark. The bureau’s student-run staff is complete with writing wizards, social media gurus and information-thirsty reporters to bring you the top news regarding One Spark. You can meet us on the menu tab “The Team.”  Our reporters will be putting together stories about events at One Spark, the creators themselves, venue information, explanatory shorts, in-depth reports and social media content. You’ll find these under the menu tab “Stories.”

Follow us on on this webpage, ignitemediajax.com, where we have also placed links to our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to take full advantage of all we have to offer. We’ve also posted “person-on-the-street” interviews under the menu item “Street Views” where you’ll get an idea of what people in Jacksonville are thinking about One Spark. You can also follow us separately on each of our social media accounts where you’ll get the most up-to-date information available on the festival.

An entirely unique aspect of our coverage is that we intend to be as transparent as possible in our reporting. To that end, we have placed a copy of our bureau’s Code of Ethics on the menu tab “Guidelines.”

Finally, we do not work for One Spark. Our words are completely our own.