Karrissa Wade Interviews LaTrice Royale

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MetroJacksonville's Karrissa Wade goes mano a mano with one of the true stars of RePaul's Drag Race, LaTrice Royale. LaTrice is returning to Jville for the weeklong events celebrating Hamburger Mary's three year anniversary and she dishes on everything from shady nightclub owners to the other girls on Drag Race! Join us for more after the jump!

Check out the best of LaTrice Royale clips below!

To find out more about LaTrice's pretty amazing career and huge success on Drag Race, check out her wikipedia page here:

Hamburger Mary's is celebrating three years of business at their St. Nicholas location this entire weekend. Check them out and go enjoy the madcap fun and food.  Mary's is a one of a kind experience that has been listed as one of the hundred things to do in Jacksonville before you die!

Karrissa Wade will be hosting the Three year anniversary  brunch this Sunday at Hamburger  Mary's.

About Karrissa Wade

Karrissa Wade is one of the most accomplished and well known drag performers in Jville.  Active in politics, theatre, art and the performance and pageant circuit, she has been the host of countless charity events and benefits, and has been a correspondent for MetroJacksonville since 2008.

You can catch her regular performances at Hamburger Marys or connect with her on Facebook.