Inaugural One Spark creator returns as guest curator

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Jesse Wilson was a Creator in the first One Spark festival, and now he's been invited back to become a 'guest curator'. Find out the details after the jump from our partners at #ignitemedia!

Jesse Wilson is a native of Jacksonville and is passionate about the growth and prosperity Jacksonville has coming in the near future.

He is a published author, advocate for children, and was a One Spark creator at the inaugural crowdfunding event in 2013. This year, he is back as a guest curator, setting up on Adams St. to host creators of his choosing.

Being a guest curator, Wilson’s job is to fill in for a venue that did not already have direct management.

Many venues, such as those inside businesses, already have employees in charge who select creators’ projects and lay out where they’ll set up within the building. But some venues, such as streets or large venues, don’t have a person “on staff” to oversee creators, so someone, like Wilson, is appointed to serve as curator.

“I choose Adams Street because of its proximity to the heart of the festival,” Wilson said. He wanted to be in the middle of the action is and plans to help his creators as much as he can during the festival.

Typically, a guest curator is just supposed to select creators to host at a venue. Wilson, however, is doing more than that.

“I am taking it a step further and will be doing heavy promotion socially for each of the creators I decided to work with,” Wilson said.

With over 7,000 followers on Twitter, Wilson’s audience is likely to see his social media promotion aiding in the coverage for these creators.

Wilson is no stranger to One Spark. During the inaugural year, he was a creator raising funds for his second book, a memoir detailing his time in foster care. Wilson’s past has inspired him to work for the greater good of Jacksonville and he loves everything One Spark stands for.

Wilson had many inquiries from creators wanted to have a spot on Adams Street. He also reached out to creators he found particularly intriguing.

“Branding was really important because I went after the ones that stuck out to me visually,” Wilson said. “I’m excited about them all, but I’m partial to creators from Jacksonville that need this last little spark to get their project off the ground.”

The list of creators Wilson is hosting is a variety of creators from product launches, social good, and a band. They include: My Pepper Jelly, Midnight Espresso Troupe, Eradicating Hunger, UFM Underwear for Men, #igersjax, True Tone Studio, and Fort Stories.

“Jesse has been a huge help,” John Shannon, one of the seven members of the project Fort Stories, said. “He has posted on social media a few times which is great because he is somewhat of a local celebrity, so he’s definitely going to get us some great publicity.”

But being a guest curator is not the only thing Wilson plans to be dedicating his time during One Spark. “You’ll probably see me at One Spark After Dark dancing the night away,” he said.

By Avery Harter
#IgniteMedia News Agency

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