9 People Who Shouldn't Even Run For DogCatcher in Jax

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As an answer to the list of people who should run for Mayor, Stephen Dare presents a partial and wildly incomplete list of the annoying, alarming, and asinine people involved in local government that we wish would go away. No particular order, and selected for a wide variety of reasons. Robin Lumb, surprisingly did not make this list.

Mike Hogan

His mayoral campaign cemented his reputation as the least qualified person to run city government in recent memory.  Not only did he vote against historic preservation status for Riverside Avondale, but joked about bombing abortion clinics and allied himself with antigovernment tea party factions in one of the meanest spirited campaigns for mayor in recent years.  Also for months afterwards, his campaign staff comported themselves like jackals deprived of a badly limping carcass at the last possible moment.  Just terrible.

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