5 & Dime Theatre Presents A Picasso

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THE 5 & DIME will present A PICASSO, a play by Jeffrey Hatcher. Performances are October 17, 18, 19, 24, 25, 26 at The 5 & Dime Warehouse, 648-B East Union Street. The Show is directed by the amazing Carol Butterly, Join us after the jump for the deets.

Actors: Karen Overstreet and Rick De Spain
Photographer: Mark Painter Pariani

THE 5 & DIME will present A PICASSO, a play by Jeffrey Hatcher. Performances are October 17, 18, 19, 24, 25, 26 at The 5 & Dime Warehouse, 648-B East Union Street.

“Art is the lie that enables us to realize the truth.” ~ Pablo Picasso

German occupied Paris, 1941. World-renowned artist Pablo Picasso has been escorted to an underground vault for an interview with Miss Fischer, a cultural attaché for the Third Reich. Her simple request: “We need you to identify three paintings.” What ensues is a taut yet sly battle over politics, sex, and art’s place in violent and dangerous times.


The 5 & Dime continues to attract some of the most exciting actors in the city. This two character play stars Rick De Spain as Pablo Picasso and Karen Overstreet as Miss Fischer.  

Rick De Spain is a veteran actor/director who first stepped onto a Jacksonville stage over thirty years ago and was last seen in The 5 & Dime’s production of The Pitmen Painters. When offered the role of Picasso he jumped at the opportunity to play the iconic artist. “This is a chance to step out of the kind of characters I've recently played and take some real risks. And besides, he is delightfully outrageous!”

Karen Overstreet is a working film and commercial actor who has been seen on stages all over Jacksonville, as well as in her hometown of St. Augustine. She was first drawn to the play because of the intensity of the story. “It’s a very exciting script. In this verbal tango between two people who are fighting for what is most important to them, there is so much emotion to explore below the surface of what they are saying to each other. We come to see what they truly have to lose or gain in this moment.”  

A Picasso is being directed by Caryl Butterley, a founding member of The 5 & Dime, whose last directing work with the group was their critically acclaimed inaugural production of Fahrenheit 451. “When I first read the script, I knew it was a perfect show for The 5 & Dime. It takes an idea that is thoughtful and razor sharp and then gives voice to it through two characters who are epic in their desires and need for survival. It’s the kind of storytelling that stays with you long after the play is over.”

The 5 & Dime recently acquired a new home base which it plans to use, primarily, for rehearsals and storage, and the occasional event. But once it was realized that it also happened to be the perfect environment for transporting an audience to a “storage vault somewhere in Paris” the decision was made to pair this particular play with The Warehouse and invite the community in to show how their patronage is tied to the organization’s growth. The 5 & Dime Warehouse is located at 648-B East Union St.

A PICASSO opens Friday, October 17 with additional performances on October 18, 19, 24, 25, and 26. Evenings performances begin with a pre-show reception at 7pm and an 8pm curtain, and Sunday matinees begin with a 2pm reception and 3pm curtain. Admission is $15. Discounted tickets at $10 may be purchased online through October 16. Full production and ticket information can be found at The 5 & Dime website: www.the5anddime.org.

Don’t miss this smart and gripping production by The 5 & Dime, a theatre company.