5 & Dime: Barbara Colaciello's Life on the Diagonal

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That perennial maven of theatre, well beloved in these columns, Barbara Colaciello is remounting a slightly modified version of her one woman show, Life on the Diagonal, which is a autobiographical work that she has been developing since 2001. She will be performing it at the super underground new urban digs of 5&Dime; Theatre at 700 Union Street

" the STORY of..." is proud to present on November 20, 21 LIFE ON THE DIAGONAL, a deliciously quirky evening of storytelling through monologues, original music, and poetry. Written and performed by multi-faceted Barbara Colaciello and directed by Robert Arleigh White, this one woman show celebrates life’s mysteries and imperfections with humor, sexuality and a little A.D.D. madness.

Seamlessly integrating storytelling, and spoken word with her original music, Williams’ steers us on a bumpy ride that weaves and diverges from her Italian Catholic upbringing in New York to her incarnation as a wife, mother, and artist in North Florida. Along the way, fueled by her vocabulary of self-definition, she takes her listeners on an intense, yet funny journey through an experience-strewn landscape, into and beyond the “land of should”.

Life on the Diagonal premiered in 2001 at Players by the Sea. In 2008, Diagonal with director by Bob Arleigh White, at the helm, had its NYC debut at Theater Lab. Barbara then had the privilege to workshop it with Tony award winning choreographer for Grease, Patricia Birch.

Doors Open at 7pm. Performance at 8pm.

Audience Reviews

" ... the originality of the work, the command Barbara had of the audience, from belly laughter to so quiet one was almost unable to breathe. It was very affecting in bringing forward very personal emotions, thoughts, recollections and questions in me. ”
     - Jonathan Katzenberg

"Beautiful, brilliant, and funny."
      -Al Letson, NPR Radio host, nationally known slam poet, playwright

“The show was fabulous. I loved it. Williams touched on issues that are uniquely her yet resonate with many."              
      - Tamara McClaran, theater critic

“Her honest performance as she retells her experiences, happy and sad is stripped of pretenses; it is raw and soft all at once, so extravagant and yet poignantly real, intimate but wide open like a contagious laughter.”
       - Anne Roberts, actress, scenic painter

“The show stopper for me came near the end of the performance when Barbara courageously shared a traumatic moment in her life from years ago.  Her honest portrayal of her own emotions, made this scene much more believable and real than the glorified, eroticized dramatization acts of violence and aggression often receive.   I came away feeling the way I used to at fifteen stepping out onto the Church steps following confession: clean, emotionally refreshed and ready to face the world again.”
       - Michael Roberts

“I was deeply touched by the work and know that everyone that witnessed it will never be quite the same."  
    -  Melissa Vermy
Highlights of Her Career

Playwright Barbara Colaciello Williams received her BFA from Rider University and earned her Actor’s Equity card performing in summer stock at Bucks County Playhouse in PA. Shortly after her undergraduate studies, Barbara worked with Andy Warhol at the Union Square factory for six years as the Advertising Director of Interview Magazine. Further pursuing her passion for acting, she studied at Warren Robertson’s studio in NYC with Larry Moss and with Peter Flood at the Real Stage.

Barbara has produced/directed numerous children’s plays and collaborative theater pieces as the founder/artistic director of Inter-Act, an acting school specializing in improvisation and one-on-one coaching. No-i-tan-i-gam-i, her original children’s play which promotes tolerance, has traveled to many Florida elementary schools. Other playwriting accomplishments include  Sustaining Beauty, a play about Ninah May Holden Cummer commissioned by PBTS and the Cummer Museum for their  50th Anniversary. Barbara spent a year researching Ninah's archival journals to write a solo show that she performed as Ninah Cummer.

Her moving play, This Seat’s Taken, recently performed for students on field trips to the Cummer Museum, tells the story of Rosa Parks and how she helped  create the tipping point of the civil right's movement.This play has had much success and is in it's third year of production!

Colaciello has directed and produced original plays bringing them to New York City, Baltimore and Chicago. She was asked to develop, direct and produce Griot: He Who Speaks the Sweet Word bringing it to the 2006 NYC International Fringe Festival where it received rave reviews. She went on to direct the poetical Julius X  for Players by the Sea for which she received the Pelican Award for Best Director.
Most recently she resigned as Players by the Sea's Education and Outreach Director, to broaden her reach in the community as an educator, speaker, playwright, and producer of storytelling evenings and plays.  Stay tuned.