Tyler Shields Interview with Stephen Dare

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Tyler Shields, the bad boy of Fashion photography has had a pretty meteoric career over the past five years. Not only has he stayed in the headlines of photography for his strident, rebellious content, but his sharp sense of humor and willingness to push social boundaries has established a new aesthetic in the field. Last year he became the first locally born artist to be added to the Tate Collection in the UK. Quite an honor. Tyler is a Jville original, and sat for an interview with Metrojacksonville to talk about his work and give a little advice to young artists. Join us after the jump for the discussions of his pretty extraordinary career.


Bonus Jacksonville track:


Mainly about early work in Jacksonville

Lindsay Lohan

Ms. Eastwood Reality Show

Words of Advice to Young People.

Vampire Diaries:

Transition to Cali

The Book

Tamara Ecclestone

Tyler Shields Show in Jax?