Dirt Altar: Last Performance for Looking Lab Project!

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Jim Draper and Casey James will be creating the final performance for The Looking Lab Project in downtown. Joy Poulard-Leverette's experimental multi media series is a partnership with Petra Management and it concludes with what might be a water changing performance by Draper as he ventures into storytelling. Join us for more details after the jump!

Dirt Altar is a collaborative installation between artists Jim Draper and Casey James for The Looking Lab: Art in Empty Storefronts, Jacksonville, Florida. The exhibition is curated by Staci Bu Shea.

The artists have remotely explored their mutual interest in fetishizing images and spiritual narratives over the course of a year. From their respective environments as Draper, a Floridian, and James, a New Yorker, they have constructed the contents for this project through e-mail, file sharing and social media exchange.

The exhibition investigates the relationship between ecclesiastic and secular iconophilia, and brings together these two geographical perspectives to offer a new way of understanding both artists’ practices and larger themes of devotion.

Casey James will be in Jacksonville from June 7 through June 14 working closely with Draper and Bu Shea on the exhibition and will be present for the opening reception on June 13. The artists are available for scheduled interviews and documentation during this week.

Jim Draper will read two recently constructed fictional stories with a live score by Robin Rütenberg on June 18 and June 25.

The Looking Lab, created and directed by Joy Poulard-Leverette, purposes to activate vacant spaces with pop-up contemporary art installations and is supported by the Culutural Couincil's Spark Grant initiative. The space is provided via the The Looking Lab's partnership with Petra Management. Dirt Altar is the fourth and final installment of the The Looking Lab's series for 2014.

Dirt Altar: Jim Draper and Casey James curated by Staci Bu Shea
107 E. Bay Street Jacksonville, Florida 32202
June 13, 6-9 pm

Smell the Roses
Jim Draper June 18, 7 pm

Freedom Ain’t Just a Word
Jim Draper June 25, 7 pm

Readings will include a live score by Robin Rütenberg

Late in life child
Loves Elvis
Don’t we all?

-Jim Draper, 2014

jimdraperart.com casejames.com stacibushea.com