Department of the Interiors: Celebs

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Celeb's Corner Kitchen is on A Phillip Randolph Avenue at the beginning of the historic Florida Avenue District on Jacksonville's incredibly historic eastside. This is after all where the scions of the Harlem Renaissance actually mixed and lived and worked for decades. Zora Neal Hurston is a part of daily conversation on the street, and her literature and impact on American culture is very much alive in the memories of the long time residents (and their children). It is in this fairly rich culture that Nicole Brunson and her crew of true believers established one of the most magical interiors in the city: Celebs. Join us after the jump for a peek and the interior details.

Celebs is a quirky, eccentric kind of place that bohemian Jacksonville loves.  It is unpredictable, ever changing, super charged with the personal love and engagement of the artists and creatives that inhabit it.

It is a cross between contemporary steam punk, neo victorian eclecticism and steam punk aesthetics that fills the observer with about a million things to soak in simultaneously.  The menu is sumptuous and as changing as the moods of Chef Love, the artist at work in the kitchen who comes out to interact personally with the people she is cooking for to grok how they want their dish to be prepared.  Oftentimes there is no simple menu and the dishes that come from the kitchen reflect an interaction with the tables rather than what might have been printed on the menu that day.

Sitting outside is as much of an experience as in the lushly decorated interior, as the gorgeous, inquisitive neighbors who revolve around the group interact with the owners and one is filled with the gossip and flavor of the neighborhood.

Like so many amazing things in Jville, the Celebs experience is incredibly limited to a collection of the creatives that manage to find and appreciate the coolness and uniqueness that it offers.  Hopefully that will change for them as this economy begins gaining steam and a new generation of young artists begin coming to the neighborhood.

Already a favorite of downtown activists like Lisa Goodrich and Diane Brunet Garcia, the Celebs food truck has recently begun to be featured on the downtown food truck rotation.

Drop in to the place and check out this small bit of jacksonville awesomeness.

Check out their website at

text and photos by stephen dare

Chef Love characteristically smiling at the back door to the patio.

The Celebs Food Truck (which serves as the lunch kitchen for the restaurant during the summer.)

Awesome  detailed clock and mirror.

Lots of Art lying around in eclectic positions.

Gorgeous fabric art covers this lounging chair vignette

Tomato velveteen chair vignette

Grand diva over the mantlepiece vignette.  This configuration calls to mind the interior vignettes common to the underground upscale jazz clubs in Jax for at least a hundred years.  This vignette and others like it date back to the time of the Jazz 'professors' and ballrooms of Ward Street in the 1900s.  Henry from Jazzco (at its original location on Atlantic and University) also featured a similar vignette, set off in red velvet curtains and a cut glass chandelier.

custom tile work on all of the tabletops.

Brushed metal detail work abounds throughout the cafe/club. This bit outlines the transition from the restaurant to the bar area of the establishment.

The room uses a venetian color palette, set off by dark woods and vintage accents.

The stage area hosts bands, deejays and the occasional VIP table section