Department of the Interiors: The Volstead

February 21, 2014 12 comments Open printer friendly version of this article Print Article

There has been a recent water change in the world of nightclubs, with a sudden preference for laid back, shabby genteel establishments with a nod to history. The Volstead is likely the most lovely of the new crop thus far, located on Adams Street downtown. We thought you might like a view at the interior of the new shop, so have a looky loo after the jump!

The retro sofa group and vintage television hifi set look like the interior of a closed vintage shop.  Pretty much a perfect ambiance for aquarium style relaxing with friends.

The sign to the left of the entrance to the actual room.

Above the tables, graphics of prohibition era figures set a pretty great mood.  The bar is also smoke free and conversational, and as a result, its pretty amazing how many smart chatty people have been showing up.

People seated along the bar early in the evening, notice the cool lighting sculpture on the wall.

A fairly well stocked bar.  The clean white shelves, illuminated as they are become a mood setting central decor point as well.

several of the owners, dressed in the Volstead uniforms trying to concoct a tinctured cocktail for competition.

The 'secret' back patio area, entrance unmarked except as an exit at the back of the bar.  It leads to a pretty victorian era alleyway, complete with cobbling stones and a wrought iron gate that empties next to a church.

photos and commentary by stephen dare