Department of the Interiors: Rain Dogs

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Rain Dogs, opened in Five Points a while ago and has become one of the chattiest, comfort driven destinations for interesting people in the area. Smoke free, arts heavy, conversational. All the good things. We thought you would like a few shots of the interior of one of the leading examples of the new style of bars. See more after the Jump!

Patrons sitting around at the bar.  The Rain Dogs sign in the back is generally where bands played when it first opened, and I think there are still performances here, but this is another example of the new kind of nightlife catching on in the riverside area: Conversational, smoke free and a place where interesting people can actually talk to each other in a stimulating environment.

Art along the walls.  Continuing the Jacksonville tradition of new artists making their way through the arts bars of the city, Rain Dog has been tirelessly promoting some of the great emerging creators of the city.  Not sure how it is curated, but I do know that every time I go inside the place, the art is high quality, well produced and excellently presented.

The new "Back Room" area.

There is just something about this back room.  It reminds me of how Einstein a go go would have been if it had been clean, smoke free, didnt smell like mummified vomit and had been cleaned sometime within the previous decade.  Maybe its the black walls with the spots trained on them, I dunno.  But the stage area is pretty awesome, and having the bands transfer to the back brings the big noise out of the area where people are able to converse up front.

photos and commentary by stephen dare