Department of the Interiors: Hawkers in Five Points

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Hawkers just opened in the Five Points neighborhood, giving a new life to the formerly cursed retail spaces which have never been able to take off (not even at their openings) We thought you would enjoy a mini pictorial of the interior! Join us after the jump to see the insides of this asian street food cafe.

Prominent on the streets of Asia, Hawkers are street vendors who depend on locally grown ingredients to create dishes sold from mobile carts and stands. The most successful recipes, typically passed from one generation to the next, bring flocks of eager patrons.

At least thats what the promo says.

The orlando based restaurant opened in Five Points, minus any obvious hawking, hawkers or any other street sales behavior, but this past weekend was a zoo on the corner of Park and Post with a crowd outside waiting to get into the chipper madness within.

Very cute kids working the place, remarkably energetic for restaurant servers in the five points area.

Take a look at how diverse and Riverside Native the crowd is:

Orange, clearly, is the new Black.

Really kind of love these old woks turned into lighting fixtures.  They look industrial until you actually notice what they are and then suddenly they take on new context.

More of the interesting lighting fixtures above the seating area.

photos and commentary by stephen dare