Jax Native Tyler Shields on the BlackList at Sundance

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"I was told not to make this movie. I was told not to write. Before that, I was told I would never direct, and before that I was told I would never be a photographer." --Tyler Shields after being chosen by BlackList for inclusion in this years Sundance Festival project. Tyler's screenplay for "The Wild Ones" was chosen as one of the top 70 unproduced screenplays in Hollywood this year. Joins us for details after the jump!

After the announcement Tyler took to Facebook and encouraged anyone who has followed this young star to chase their own dreams.

"Very honored to announce my screen play, The Wild Ones has been added to the black list of scripts it's such an honor. But it's important for me to say I was told not to make this movie. I was told not to write. Before that, I was told I would never direct, and before that I was told I would never be a photographer. Never let people that doubt you stop you, because at the end of the day ---and not for lack of a better word, using the perfect word-- they are stupid and lack vision! Chase your dream and never stop until you get it!"

Deadline, which is considered by many to be one of the most influential trade publications in the film industry covered the story and included a short description of the screenplay:

Number 6
The Wild Ones
Tyler Shields

In a corrupt Southern town, a dangerous sociopath runs bareknuckle boxing fights that pit its youths against each other.
Agency: ICM Partners
Agents: Jeff Barry
Producer: Atlas Independent

What is the Blacklist?

The Black List and the Sundance Institute have partnered to offer a bevy of services to aspiring filmmakers, formalizing a relationship between two organizations dedicated to developing new talent.

“In the last three years alone, more than a dozen scripts sourced from the annual Black List have been made into films that premiered at Sundance Film Festival,” Black List founder Franklin Leonard said in a statement. “Put simply, no single organization in the United States has done more to promote American filmmaking voices in the early stages of their development than the Sundance Institute. It’s a tremendous honor to formalize a relationship and share in their work.”

Though initially launched as a survey of industry executives’ favorite unproduced screenplays, the Black List has expanded into the service business. Screenwriters can pay to upload their screenplays for members to review and can pay an additional fee to have the scripts evaluated by industry professionals.

Leonard aims to turn the service into an industry mainstay, facilitating connections between aspiring screenwriters and the people who can help turn script into film.

Both Sundance’s Feature Film Program and the Black List have endorsed successful works. Three of the last five best pictures winners and seven of the last 12 screenwriting Oscars have gone to scripts that appeared on the Black List while the Sundance program supported Oscar nominee “Beasts of the Southern Wild” and 2013 Sundance favorite “Fruitvale.”

“We are very excited to collaborate with Franklin Leonard and The Black List to identify new writers to be considered for support by the Feature Film Program Labs,” Michelle Satter, Founding Director of Sundance's Feature Film Program, said in a statement. “Additionally, we want to expand the audience for our Lab fellows and see The Black List website as a great avenue for industry discovery, promotion and potential support.”

The inclusion of Tyler's screenplay in Sundance/Blacklist occurs simultaneously with his recent inclusion in The Tate Gallery and his current show at the ImiTate Gallery in the UK, and his growing global recognition for boundary pushing celebrity photography.

Its a long way from his early days at Kona Skatepark here in Jville!  Its nice to have someone make it who still loves his hometown.

Good Luck Tyler!

article by Stephen Dare