Murray Hill District Coming To Life

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Murray Hill has recently been showing every sign of becoming the next cool district. Hip dining places, a creative community at work, young families moving into the historic homes, and a plethora of affordable storefronts ready for occupancy combined with an empowered group of young residents who are looking forward to a walkable, interesting vibe to live in. Join us after the jump for a photo tour.

On Wednesday, Sept. 25th the driveway of the Murray Hill Library will be converted into the setting for the Murray Hill Preservation Association pizza dinner “A Little Slice of History” starting at 5:00 PM. At the front of the library the Friends of the Murray Hill Library will have their silent auction taking place and then at 7:00 PM the Metro Jacksonville program “Murray Hill: Past, Present, and Future” will begin in the library meeting room. You definitely don’t want to miss this special evening at our Murray Hill Library!

Buy tickets at the MHPA site here:
For more information about the event or to donate an item or a service for the silent auction, please email Judy Klein at or call 904-384-1523.

Murray Hill begins at the train tracks that run right by Highway 17.

The Merchants district (at present) extends northward to the Murray Hill Library, and has been the site of some of Jville more interesting if overlooked history.

Now the streets are beginning to fill up with people at night as well as during the day.  Moon River Pizza, already a legend in the riverside dining ensemble has been joined by Crazy Egg (which is one of the last really authentic riverside style diners left in the neighborhood.  Much better than the wheezy offerings presented by the Metro Diner on San Jose, and much more embracing than a few of the others) and the Fringe Cafe.  Moon River has always featured the more experimental art of Riversides well padded bench of painters and mixed media artists.  Fringe, on the other hand is steampunk contraption, featuring very outsider artists and an assortment of kinetic sculptures.  Along the strip, there are nightclubs, bars and an assortment of shops, tailors, seamstresses, shoe repair and professional services that have all the making of a garment district.

Metrojacksonville recently did a photo tour of the area, and caught the following shops and buildings for inspection.  The district is odd, nuanced, and surprisingly complete, with many mom and pop shops with living quarters above the buildings and cool nichey areas just waiting to be filled with new energy.  And the energy is building.  Bold Bean Coffee is opening their roastery operation and several restaurant announcements will be made in the area over the next few months.

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