Interview with Kennedy Caughell from American Idiots

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Kennedy Caughell will be gracing the stage tonight in The Artist Series latest Broadway Tour, American Idiot! Stephen Dare caught up with her for a quick interview while she was still on the road here! Check out the chat after the jump!

Kennedy in Scotland with the travelling cast of American Idiots

American Idiot is coming to town and through the good offices of Sarah Roy, the hyper efficient publicity agent for The Artist Series, I was able to interview one of the females leads of the touring production, Kennedy Caughell.

When we spoke she was still on the road with a few more shows before the Jville opening tonight.

Stephen Dare:  Hey Kennedy, Stephen Dare here from Metrojacksonville.  Thanks for making time for us.  So lets start with the age range depicted in the show.  How old are you?

Kennedy Caughell:  OK!  Im 23>

Stephen Dare:  And how did you get the part in American Idiot.

Kennedy Caughell:  Well the casting director at Elon liked me, we had worked together on a production of "Hair" and I got the part.

Stephen Dare:  Pretty sweet and simple then.  Which part did you play in Hair?

Kennedy Caughell:  Sheila

Kennedy as Sheila, the lead female in Hair

Stephen Dare:  How are people reacting to the show?

Kennedy Caughell:  Wow.  Its really been a kind of regional thing.  In some places its been great, and in other areas of the country people have been very flat.  We even had walkouts.

Stephen Dare:  Really?  Wow.  where would you say treated you the best?

Kennedy Caughell:  You know it was surprising, but the UK was very warmly receptive to the show.  Strangely enough the audiences in fayetteville ark werevery receptive, but not so much indiana

I think its because the show's message is politically pretty hard hitting.  Dublin was awesome, and even though Indiana wasnt so enthusiastic, the shows that we played in Indianapolis were with really great audiences who loved the performance.

Stephen Dare:  It looks like its a pretty energetic performance for you.  Is it?

Kennedy Caughell:  Are you kidding?  Its crazy.  Every nights its pretty much a 90 minute cardio set.  Complete work out

Stephen Dare:  Thats funny.  So what are your favorite musical numbers in the show?

Kennedy Caughell:  Id have to say 21 guns and letterbomb

Stephen Dare:  How would you describe the show to someone who hasnt seen it?

Kennedy Caughell:  Seriously its viscerally and visually overstimulative

Stephen Dare:  Are you liking the Tour experience?

Kennedy Caughell:  Its great.  One of the surprising things is that every one is kind in the show itself.  And they are kind in spite of the circumstances.  You know touring is when everyone gets to see the worst version of yourself:  No makeup, cranky, tired, first waking up.  And still everyone in this production is so kind.  And that helps.  The show is so athletically taxing that people get hurt all the time

Stephen Dare:  Who do you think should come see this how?

Kennedy Caughell:  musical theatre and concert goers together!