The February List of the Jville Creative Class

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This is the first of a new monthly feature that will spotlight the significant works, projects and artists going on with Jville artists. February was a pretty busy time, join us after the jump for the list!

1. Tyler Shields

Finishing up editing "Final Girl" his quirky new hollywood film about a pack of teenage boys who choose the wrong girl to be the victim of their 'initiation'. Starring Abigail Breslin, Wes Bentley, Cameron Bright, Alexander Ludwig, Francesca Eastwood, Logan Huffman, Desiree Zurowski, Brett London, and Gracyn Shinyei

Also finalized a new series of gallery openings for his new photography show: "Suspence". The new series is his most cinematic yet, showing why London’s Tate Modern recently acquired one of his works. GQ calls Tyler “The Hottest Artist in LA Now” and LA Weekly says: “The mystery behind his relationships and habits captivate the media, not unlike the art world’s best-known friend of the famous, Andy Warhol.”

Suspense is scheduled for the following dates:
29th April, Guy Hepner Gallery, Los Angeles
17th May, McLemoi Gallery, Sydney
31st May, Miller Gallery, Cincinnati
13th June, New York, NY

For details on the works of Tyler Shields please email:

2. Amanda Morales
Actress and Writer

In February, Amanda Morales burst onto the radar with a rock solid performance in 5&Dimes; production of "All New People".  Drop dead gorgeous, smart, quirky, nerdy and extroverted all at once, Ms. Morales is also finishing up a sci fi novel, but her turn as a stoned British real estate agent who accidently walks in on an attempted suicide was really a standout performance.  Hope to see a lot more from Amanda Morales.

Check out the 5&Dime; website for more information about upcoming shows:

3. Bill Ratliff

Bill Ratliff has been one of the more credible character actors in Jville for the past decade or so, with a notably great performance in Parade a while back at Players-by-the-Sea.  But his performance with the Symphony Orchestra and Players by the Sea Collaboration: "Amadeus" was a star making moment for the actor.  A series of monologues which feature Mr Ratliff reverse aging and a healthy sense of Harlequin created an astounding performance against the backdrop of the assembled Jacksonville Symphony Orchestra.  Compelling, perfectly executed and memory making for the thousands of people who packed in to see the shows.

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