Sex And Jacksonville: Lascivious Legacy of Jax, Part 1!

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Did you know that at one time, one of Jville's most important industries was prostitution? A Jacksonville man is considered the creator of gay porn. Another Jville native was the most expensive male prostitute in the world. Cora Crane, arguably the most fascinating Grande Madame in the history of this country's bordellos, made her home here and that's only the beginning of the surprising history of sex in Jacksonville! Join us after the jump for details!

While most historians try not to bring the subject up, one of Jville's most important industries for its first hundred years was the amazing Bordello District centered around Ward Street.  More than sixty 'female boarding houses' were listed on the records of the Sanborn Company Insurance Maps by 1920, and their whimsical names are handed down by history:  "The New York Senate", "The Court", "The Turkish Baths", "The Hotel de Dreme", and "Spanish Marie's"  But Jville has had a few legendary figures synonymous with sex in its history. In fact, for almost a hundred years, the city was as well known for its friendly brothels and gorgeous bordellos as it was for its steam ships.

For the past forty years, much of this part of our culture has been suppressed.  Most people have never heard of the following facts, and simply do not even know the extraordinary and singular history of the city, but Jville has definitely thrown off a few rare specimens.  Here is Part 1!  Enjoy and join us next week for the second installment!

Stephen Dare

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