Ryan Rummel: Novelty Drawings To Amuse Bar Patrons

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Painter Ryan Rummel is pretty much the very definition of an outsider artist- Painter, craftsman, artisan and for the past several years the owner of a hipster indie club called (inexplicably) TSI. Educated at one of the most respectable art schools of the south (before their controversial takeover a few years ago) the Atlanta College of Art he has lived in some of the edgiest neighborhoods of the southeast while quietly pursuing his simple, elegantly beautiful design and art projects. After thirteen years in the trenches of Downtown Jacksonville and Springfield his new series: Novelty Drawings to Amuse Bar Patrons is attracting attention in both his adopted hometown and NYC. Join us for more details after the jump.

Ryan Rummel
Painter, Owner of TSI, Film Maker, and Treasure Hunter in search of the Jewels of Marie Antoinette.

Born in 1976,---which makes him 36 years old.
Birthplace Warner Robbins Georgia.

Spent his childhood in some of the smallest towns and communities of the rural south:
Byron Georgia
Mobile Alabama
Crozet Virginia

The Atlanta College of Art, founded 1905
Atlanta Georgia

Jacksonville  Florida at age of 21

The new series is a set of childlike drawings depicting sometimes gruesome activities normally associated with the least reputable moments of a bar.  People entangled in collapsed chairs, swollen tongues waggling, various stages of undress and unseemly behavior.

Overlaid with symbolic gestures to indicate what is inside of the individuals.  They all look pleasant enough until you stop and look at the actual depictions.

Of his work he says:

"I try to make things that are iconographic, but that can stand alone aside from being a series.

I like simple drawings that create their own symbology and can take on meaning outside of the context that I perceive it to be----like the idea of a nature lover with a tree growing inside him."

Here are a few samples of the new work, find out more about this quirky surprising artist at http://www.ryanrummel.com

Large Works for Gallery:

Novelty Drawings To Amuse Bar Patrons

Article by Stephen Dare
Graphics and images Ryan Rummel